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At Reinforce Health & Wellness we strive to treat patients with honest and genuine care.

Below is where patients can write testimonials about their experience at our clinic:

It’s took 3 Chiropractors and 5 massage therapists for me to get to Reinforce Health.  I cannot say enough about their quality of work.  I’m done searching!  They take so much time, obviously really care about the patient and I can totally tell the difference. I’m in less pain and have more strength and flexibility.  They’re very knowledgable, show you exercises to help your condition, stretching, massage and chiropractic treatment.   Plus, they’re really nice! 100% satisfied.

–Leslie M.

I had been having quite a bit of shoulder pain and decided to try a chiropractor for the first time.  Dr. Wong was extremely thorough.  She spent a lot of time with me to determine what was causing the pain and let me know step-by-step how she planned to treat me. Not only did she teach me exercises to help build up the strength in my shoulder, she emailed me pictures so I wouldn’t forget what she wanted me to do.   After only 7 visits, I am completely without pain.  I HIGHLY recommend Reinforce Health and Wellness (and especially Dr. Wong) for the personal care and expertise they take with their patients.

–Caryn B.

I’ve been seeing Dr. David for a few weeks now for my shoulder and heel. He is very knowledgeable and is really good at fixing problem areas. He is very thorough with his treatment plans and giving exercises to improve range of motion and strength. If you need chiropractic or physical therapy care I’d recommend seeing him. You won’t regret it.

–Bryan F.

Reinforce Health & Wellness is the third chiropractic office I have sought care at within the past 6 years and they truly are the best!  Dr. Kim and Dr. Wong are extremely educated and energetic.  They explain treatment in a way that anyone can understand and I ALWAYS feel better when I leave their office.  As someone who suffers with chronic headaches, I am pleased to say my pain has descreased immensely since starting an adjustment and massage regimen.  In addition, this facility is very inviting…there’s no way you won’t feel relaxed the moment you step in!

–Kate P.

I highly recommend Dr. Wong as your chiropractic physician. I never knew much about chiropractic until I gave it a try. I was skeptical at first but Dr. Wong treated me with care. She spent time with me compared to a other doctors I have been to. She took the time to explain to me about my condition and taught me how I could help myself. I have to admit, I am little over weight and had low back pain for a while. Dr. Wong was able to help me with the low back pain in just a few visits and I was able to maintain the progress from the exercises she gave to me. On top of that she addressed my diet and helped me modify lifestyle habits and changed the way I ate. I never knew how bad the food I was eating was for my body until she explained it to me. If you want a compassionate and honest doctor see Dr. Wong!

–Patricia L.

When I first arrived to Dr. Wong’s office, I was impressed by the modern and friendly interior.  The office and rooms were all clean and clinical, and the acupuncture and massage therapy rooms featured low-lighting, which was very relaxing.  
Despite the clinical setting, it was obvious that Dr. Wong wanted me to feel at home.  She was very friendly the entire visit and patiently answered all of my questions.  I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical about whether or not anything would work for my bad shoulder.  I have had terrible  pain in my shoulder for the past fifteen years, but Dr. Wong reassured me that with the right physical therapy and treatment it could be improved.  
I have only visited the office a few times, but already my shoulder is stronger and far less painful than before.  I highly recommend Dr. Wong for all your chiropractic needs!

–Jamie H.

I discovered this clinic when I was at CVS, the pharmacist recommended this place for massage therapy.  I was feeling really stressed out and after working out, my muscles were in so much pain, more than before.  The pharmacist told me, why not get a massage from a doctor?
Wait, WHAT?  A doctor that gives massages?  
Turns out, it’s called massage therapy.  Who better to give you a massage than a doctor who’s learned everything anatomy and physiology about the human body?  I’m currently a pharmacy student so yea, physio and anatomy are not easy subjects to master.
What really got me through the door was the deal they were having: $40 for a 60-minute massage.  You know you cannot get that price at a day spa.  It was a grand opening deal so I gave it a shot.
Parking is ample.
I walked in and the receptionist greeted me.  Turns out she’s one of the doctors!  She  is so bubbly and funny.  Even though she is formally a doctor, she really makes the environment welcoming and “not-sterile” if you kinda get what I mean.
WOW, let me just say, I am never going to a day spa again.  Lesley is a small sized woman compared to me, but she has the strength and knowledge to get to the spots I needed.  Even knots and muscles I didn’t even know needed to be massaged out!
It’s a bit of a drive, but for a massage from a doctor?  Yea I’d do it.
Plus, the massage could be covered by your insurance.  WIN!

–Jeannie O.

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  1. Gail D. says:

    To anyone suffering with pain. An injury 7 years ago left fluid on my knee that was about the width and depth of half a grapefruit. In addition, I couldn’t walk down the steps in my house or get up from sitting without limping. I didn’t want to go to an orthopedist because I was afraid of surgery. A friend recommended Dr. Wong. After only four visits using various treatments combined with manual massage, Dr. Wong restored my health. I have no knee pain and I no longer limp. I can bend down, walk, and sleep without pain. It’s amazing how much the pain limited my movement. I’m back to normal activities. G-d bless you Dr. Wong.

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