Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is believed to be one of the oldest forms of medical care, dating back to the pharohs of Egypt. Its vital role in healthcare was universal. In 2700 BC, a Chinese book of internal medicine recommended “the massage of the skin and flesh.” More than two thousand years later, Hippocrates- the father of modern medicine- wrote that “the physician must be acquainted with many things and assuredly with rubbing” (the ancient Gree, word for massage).

Today, the term massage therapy is used to describe the manipulation of soft tissue- muscles, skin and/or tendons- by fingertips, hands, fists, elbows, and feet. The number of people that receive massage therapy continues to grow as more and more discover the benefits of massage- for relaxation, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation.

Benefits of massage therapy include :decreased pain, reduced anxiety, improved range of motion, reducing muscle soreness, boosting immune system, lessening depression, promoting tissue regeneration, easing labor pain and stress, relieving tension, and more!

At Reinforce Health & Wellness, our highly trained massage therapists are specially trained in ares of sports massage, medical massage, pregnancy massage, and infant massage.

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