Welcome to Reinforce Health & Wellness in Roselle, IL.  Dr. Kim and Dr. Wong are both highly trained and qualified physicians who are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and natural healthcare to you and your family. We believe in the importance strengthening and supporting the body as a whole to achieve ultimate wellness.

We have created an environment where patients can seek honest  medical care to to correct unhealthy patterns, alleviate acute and chronic pain, reduce stress, and seek preventative care. We strive to guild each of our patients to wellness, living a healthy and pain free life. We believe it’s important for every patient to understand their own body and what it really means to be healthy. Our patients will be treated using a variety of manual therapies, rehabilitative exercises, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle interventions to aim at promoting optimal strength, performance, and vitality.

“Here at Reinforce Health & Wellness, the goal and means of musculoskeletal treatment is to address the patient’s injury or disorder by simultaneously alleviating pain with the use of natural, noninvasive, low-cost, and low risk interventions while improving the patient’s overall health and preventing future health problems.”


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